Ben will figure out the best way to help you through a series of questions, including: What broad cuisines do you enjoy most? How spicy do you like your food? What are some of your favorite dishes? What do you prefer not to eat? Do you have dietary restrictions? Ben's approach to cuisine naturally suits people with a wide array of food allergies and sensitivities, including wheat/gluten, nut, and corn; even vegans with soy allergies. You will also discuss how a personal chef can enhance your life. Do you need lunches for your family members to take with them to work or school? Maybe you're bored with the generic make-your-own salad options around your office and want to try something new. Do you need soups and side vegetables to supplement your dinner (because you're sick of cans and bags)? Do you imagine hearty casserole dinners or small plates of tabbouleh, bean pates, and risotto-stuffed mushroom caps? Do you want to eat vegan pastries every morning for breakfast? You will talk about what you need and how Ben can come in and fill the gaps. Unlike a meals-on-wheels-type food delivery service, Ben's menus are designed specifically for you and your palate. There is no set repertoire of dishes from which you choose; Ben designs your food plan based around your conversations.