You have a lot of options for getting convenient vegan meals in New York City: the takeout place around the corner, an East Village restaurant, food-by-the-pound at hot bars and salad bars around town. Wouldn't it be nice to have someone compose meals specifically for you in your home where you can know what everything is, where it came from, and exactly how it is made? That is what Ben can do for you.

You'll be familiar with all of the ingredients because they'll all come from your house. Following a discussion of the food you want Ben to prepare, one of you will do the grocery shopping. If you prefer for Ben to do it, he is happy to-making sure that all of the products are in line with your personal standards. Ben will shop with sensitivity to any allergies you have, your preference for local produce, and your political and ethical preferences.

When Ben helps you prepare your meals, you can have control over what you're eating in a way that you can't get from a restaurant.